Add a card to the board


Name The name of the new card. It isn't required if the name is being copied from provided by a URL, file or card that is being copied.
Description a string with a length from 0 to 16384
ListID id of the list that the card should be added to
urlSource A URL starting with http:// or https:// or null True
Position A position. top, bottom, or a positive number. True bottom
Due Date A date, or null True
Labels all or a comma-separated list of; blue green orange purple red yellow True
idCardSource The id of the card to copy into a new card. True


POST api:AddCard("CardName","CardDesc",ListID)


  newCard = api:AddCard("CardName","CardDesc",ListID)  



Error Response


Resource Information

Rate Limited True
Response Format Table
Authentication Key & Token